The Charlie Foundation is an incredible resource.  In the 90s, movie producer Jim Abrahams’ son, Charlie, was having seizures as a toddler and nothing was working – not countless medicines and not even brain surgery.  Jim and his wife began to do research and came across the ketogenic diet.  Despite having visited the best of the best, doctors had never mentioned the ketogenic diet to him.  They flew to Johns Hopkins Medical Center and started the ketogenic diet.  Charlie’s seizures went away almost instantly and he remained on the diet for 5 years.  He’s now a teacher, still seizure free, and eats a conventional diet.  Jim Abrahams created the Charlie Foundation and it’s a terrific resource for those on ketogenic diet therapies.

Reese’s story is featured on the Charlie Foundation’s website – click here!

Matthew’s Friends is a UK based resources for the ketogenic diet for medical therapies as well.  They have a lot of great recipes.

The Keto Cook is a great resources to find recipes for ketogenic diet therapies.  The creator, Dawn, has made a lot of the recipes for The Charlie Foundation and she also has two cook books.