Tips & Tricks

I thought I’d share a few of the tips and tricks to help keep me sane while being on this ridiculously strict diet and trying to maintain some level of normalcy.

  • Gram scale – Is there keto without it?!  I can’t go anywhere without a gram scale, so I’ve got a few – one folds up small and is great for travel, but only measures to the nearest gram, so it’s not my every day.  It’s in my purse at all times.
  • Silicone spatulas
  • Pill crusher – No more liquid medicines suspended in sugar!
  • Cream whipper – This was my splurge.  Sometimes Reese likes her serving of cream whipped and this made my life easy.  If you can’t tell, that’s a common theme for me!
  • Freestanding cupcake cups – Excellent for baking so that each cup can be measured individually, but also a fun way to serve food.
  • Plastic portion cups – I used to buy disposable ones at Smart & Final, but recently switched to Sistema containers.  Either way, we use mini containers constantly.
  • Index cards – I write planned meals on index cards, which makes it easy to plan the day.
  • Medicine stopper & oral syringe – I give Reese MCT oil via oral syringe before bed.
  • Spatula-like spoons – These spoons with the flat and flexible top are my favorite for scraping out every last bit of whatever it is your child needs to eat.
  • Pre-measured food – string cheese, cream cheese packets, coconut oil packets (Trader Joes!) really help when you’re on the go.  More so when we were doing Modified Atkins, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.
  • Steno pad – I write down everything, 1 page for each day.  I track Reese’s medicines on the left and food on the right.  Then I use the back for notes from each doctor’s appointment.  It’s made it very easy to be able to look back if I want to review something.
  • iPhone medical alert – I recently learned this one.  If you have an iPhone, in the Apple Health App, click on the Medical ID on the bottom right.  I listed my birthday, but under Medical Conditions, I wrote information about Reese and her condition.  Then, when your phone is locked, if someone clicks on Emergency, then Medical ID, they can see whatever you wrote.  In the event that something were to happen to me, I’d want emergency responders to know that Reese cannot have carbs!
  • Hold the berries!  Sometimes getting Reese to eat the fat portion of her meal was a struggle.  But I hold back the berries (or whatever is her favorite part of each meal) and so now, she understands that she can have her berries once she’s had her butter.

A few keto items I keep in my purse/diaper bag

  • Extra dose of AM/PM medicines
  • Rescue medicine
  • Travel gram scale
  • Coconut oil packet

Tricks & Tricks from Friends

  • Add a little orange flavored water (like Crystal Light) into heavy cream to make a yummy creamsicle tasting treat!  -Sam

Our Ever Evolving List of Favorites

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