Chocolate Pudding

A friend shared a chocolate pudding recipe that looked delicious… It had me craving chocolate pudding!

I wanted something that I could share with Reese (we’re still trying to limit her protein), and I think I came up with a winner… it’s very slightly tangy, which I personally liked, but if you didn’t, I’m sure adding a little more sweetener would lessen it.

In a nutribullet, combine:

83g heavy cream

70g marscapone

58g cream cheese

20g powdered erythritol

6g unsweetened cocoa powder

1.3g vanilla

and blend until it’s a pudding consistency.  Super simple!

The best part?  It’s a 4:1 ratio!  

For Reese, this makes about 3 servings.  It’s a total of 813 calories, 81.18 fat, 11.8 protein, and 8.5 net carbs.  Of course, macros will vary based on exact ingredients used.