The Rest of Us Aren’t Keto

Does that seem harsh?  I’ve cut back on carbs, but I do still eat some in front of Reese.  I don’t draw her attention to it, but I have chosen not to hide it.

When we’d eat at Chipotle, I used to share my burrito with Reese.  She would nicely say “bite, please?” and I would oblige.  Then I’d have a bite, she’d wait her turn, and then she’d say “bite, please?” and I’d give her a bite and so on until she was full.

The first time we went to Chipotle after Reese started the diet, I thought it was going to be tough.  She knew the routine and angelically said, “bite, please?”  This time, I said, “No, this is mommy’s food.  You have your food.”  And that was that.  She didn’t complain.  (This is why I think that somehow she knows she’s feeling better and that the diet has something to do with it.)

My son loves applesauce and Reese used to enjoy it as well.  While Reese gets her food, Nicholas gets applesauce sometimes.

People ask us if we’re planning on going keto as well, and the answer is no.

My husband and I feel that this is just one more way we’re treating Reese as normally as possible.  Many people have different dietary restrictions – for example, Matt is allergic to nuts.  She’s going to be constantly surrounded by foods that she can’t eat and will need to know how to handle it.  We can’t keep her in a bubble, nor would we want to.  

Children adapt.  We probably don’t give them enough credit.