Glad That’s Over!

Reese amazes me constantly.

Every morning for the past 3 months when it’s time for her injection, she sees the needle and knowing what’s coming, holds her leg out for me.  She never cries.  She doesn’t even flinch.  As soon as it’s over, she says and signs “all done” and goes right back to playing.  Her bravery through everything these past few months has been awe inspiring.

Today was her last dose of ACTH.  We’ll never know exactly how large a role it played in Reese becoming seizure free.  We do know it played a large role in her adorable chubby cheeks.

I’m told that each vial was just shy of $50,000.  Reese went through 11 vials.

We are thankful for so many things these days… high on our list is good medical insurance and great doctors!