2 Months Seizure Free!

These past few months have been unreal.  Was December just a bad dream?  Even still, I hope I never forget it.  I hope I never stop fully appreciating the small moments.  They’re not guaranteed.

Reese has a tricycle and has enjoyed being pushed along on it.  Yesterday, she started pedaling.  I can’t help but think that before all of this, I would have assumed that this was a normal skill for a 2 year old and thought nothing of it.  And really, it is normal.  But when I see Reese happily pedaling along so proudly, it makes my heart happy.

On Monday, Reese had a routine 30 minute EEG and I was feeling pretty good about things.  And then Reese had a questionable twitch.  I had mixed feelings about it – I was glad that if it had to happen, it was caught on the EEG.  But I was very upset that it happened.

I kept reminding myself that regardless of what it was, being seizure free for nearly 2 months is nothing short of amazing.  Unfortunately, it seems my happiness is pretty well linked with Reese’s condition.  So I was pretty distracted for the couple days until our appointment with our neurologist.

Great news – it was just a twitch!  Reese’s EEG is still considered normal!!

While in the hospital in December, our neurologist described Reese’s EEG as “scary.”  Scary to a neurologist means VEERRRYYYY scary to the mother of that child.  Boy, oh, boy… we have come a LONG way in just a few short months!